There Is Nothing More Precious Than A Child's Smile

Published: 17th September 2010
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A child's smile is priceless. The self esteem and self confidence of children is easily effected by broken, discolored, or decayed teeth. We all know how important those feelings about self are in this day and age.

Other children can be thoughtless and even cruel in their judgments, and a child who is different in some way can attract unwanted attention. Children can be cruel, and when they see a child with unattractive front teeth, they will usually pick on them relentlessly. Don't make the mistake of thinking that since your child's teeth are only baby teeth that you shouldn't invest a lot in caring for them. Decay in primary teeth can lead to the same complications that decay in permanent teeth does. Painful episodes and serious gum or jaw infection can result. Dental health is tied to overall health and this neglect can lead to health issues. Untreated tooth decay in the primary teeth can also spread to permanent teeth which are forming in the jaw, perhaps by way of a gum boil.

Dental care has come a long way over the years so that no anomaly has to go untreated and left to affect your child's self-image. If teeth problems do develop in your child, the condition should first be identified and preventative measures should be found.

A child's first teeth, also called baby teeth are temporary. They begin to be replaced by permanent teeth at about the age of five, but some primary molars won't be replaced until the age of thirteen or fourteen. Every permanent tooth takes the place of a spot held by a primary tooth. If your child loses a baby tooth too soon, the other teeth could close the space and not allow enough room for the permanent tooth to grow out, or cause other orthodontic issues. Baby teeth are used for the first few years and are essential for eating, proper jaw growth, speech (and whistling), and just general appearance.

Children and babies can develop an acute form of denial decay known as Early Childhood Caries, or ECC. The upper front teeth are typically the most severely affected, with the rest of the teeth being damaged in the same order they erupted in. Only the lower incisors and protected by decay because the child's saliva will self-clean these teeth. It is difficult for parents to recognize the dull, white line of ECC on the teeth close to the gums.

If left unattended, this white band evolves into cavities that eat away at the bottom of the teeth where the gums are. Parents may notice that teeth look brownish or have no shine. If the damage goes untreated, the teeth will be entirely rotted, with only a black stump in its place. Children with this type of decay also often have sores or abcesses on their gums.

ECC is caused by the frequent presence of sugary liquids in the mouth. Breast milk, milk formula and artificial juices are some examples of these types of liquids. These sugars provide the bacteria call mutatis streptococci, and with food will decay forms in time.

Many people do not realize that decay is actually a contagious bacteria that can transferred not only between each tooth, but between parent and child. Past research has shown that, when the mother's teeth is in good shape, the kids inherit that as well. Poor oral hygiene in babies and continuing throughout childhood will lead to decay in baby teeth. This can result in the loss of permanent teeth. Utilizing fluoride toothpaste will help you to avoid these dental issues.

Adults and kids that are more particularly apt to getting dental decay will get the most from using this toothpaste, as it aggressively reinforces tooth enamel through enhancing the capacity for repelling decay-inducing acid incidents.

While toothpaste with fluoride helps, there are other actions that need to be taken for healthy teeth. Proper guidelines for utilizing this product can be obtained from your family's hygienist or dentist. You should also be sure to visit your dentist at least twice a year to have your teeth cleaned.

At home brushing will not totally clean plaque from your teeth, professional cleaning is necessary for this purpose. Your overall oral health is also affected by the foods that you eat. You should eat healthy foods, and you should not eat too many sweets. The longer you go without eating junk food, the better your chances are for keeping your teeth healthy.

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